Wanda Cook

Office: (703) 628-1708(703) 628-1708
If youíre looking for a home, I understand what youíre going through better than most. Real estate has been a part of my life for nearly 40 years. When my father went to the rental properties he ran, I tagged along as a kid; later, I spent several decades in property management myself. If youíre looking for a home, I understand your questions, your concerns, and your mindset, and I want to help you relieve those burdens. I donít have clients. I have friends I work with. I believe in helping you find the right property for your needs and wants. Iíve lived in Fredericksburg for 15 years, and I hope you can come to know and love it the way I have. Itís a wonderful place to live on its own, and itís convenient to D.C., Richmond, and the mountains. When Iím not in the office, you can find me gardening, swimming, or helping friends with a little interior design. Whether youíre looking for your first home or your latest home, Iím here for you. Letís find the right house together!
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